RecopilaciĂłn de obituarios de Bitcoin

Bitcoin estĂĄ muerto

Son muchas las ocasiones en las que un medio, un analista o un inversor ha declarado pĂșblicamente que Bitcoin no tiene utilidad, no tiene valor, estĂĄ muerto o morirĂĄ pronto. Desde que se hiciera la primera publicaciĂłn en 2010 son muchos los diferentes medios los que se han aventurado a escribir un artĂ­culo con las caracterĂ­sticas mencionadas anteriormente, unas veces como un simple clickbait para atraer visitas, otras veces completamente convencidos de lo que estaban diciendo.

En esta pĂĄgina voy a recopilar todas estas publicaciones, en diferentes idiomas, para que quede constancia de la cantidad de veces que Bitcoin 'ha muerto'.

Año 2010
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15/10/2010 $0.11 The Underground Economist Why Bitcoin Can’t Be A Currency
Año 2011
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08/05/2011 $3.87 Apenwarr Avery Pennarun Why Bitcoin Will Fail
07/06/2011 $23.92 Tav's Blog Tav Siva Why Bitcoin Will Fail As A Currency
20/06/2011 $17.51 Forbes Tim Worstall So, That's The End Of Bitcoin Then
13/07/2011 $13.95 The Calculating Investor Why Bitcoin Will Fail As A Currency
09/08/2011 $9.99 Gizmodo Australia Adrian Covert The Bitcoin Is Dying. Whatever.
15/11/2011 $2.33 Wired The Rise And Fall Of Bitcoin
Año 2013
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05/04/2013 $142.32 Chron Alex Planes Why Bitcoin Is Doomed To Fail
11/04/2013 $124.90 Slate Eric Posner Fool's Gold
12/04/2013 $117.00 Whistling In The Wind Robert Nielsen The Bitcoin Bubble Has Burst
19/05/2013 $122.50 OUI Share Game Over, Bitcoin. Where Is The Next Human-Based Digital Currency?
20/05/2013 $122.02 Wall Street Daily Beware Of This Insidious New Currency Scam
20/06/2013 $111.29 NY Mag Kevin Roose Bitcoin Sees The Grim Reaper
26/06/2013 $104.00 Why Bitcoin Will Fail
08/08/2013 $94.78 Bloomberg View Timothy Lavin The SEC Shows Why Bitcoin Is Doomed
30/09/2013 $123.10 Broken Librarian Christian Wagner "Should I Buy Bitcoins?" "No."
16/10/2013 $137.42 Salon Bryan Lynn Bitcoin Is A Remarkable Innovation, Here’s Why It Will Fail
06/11/2013 $253.69 Business Insider Joe Weisenthal Bitcoin Is A Joke
20/11/2013 $572.67 Bloomberg Timothy Lavin Bitcoin Is Still Doomed
22/11/2013 $747.48 Fester’s Den How Bitcoin Is Going To Fail And Why It Is Not A Gold Equivalent
26/11/2013 $899.20 Wired Nicholas Weaver Once You Use Bitcoin You Can’t Go ‘Back’ — And That’s Its Fatal Flaw
27/11/2013 $122.50 Broken Librarian Jordan Tuwiner A Bitcoin FAQ
30/11/2013 $948.41 The New York Times Edward Hadas A Prediction: Bitcoin Is Doomed To Fail
04/12/2013 $1,147.25 Bloomberg Alan Greenspan Greenspan Says Bitcoin a Bubble Without Intrinsic Currency Value
17/12/2013 $683.84 Business Insider Mark T. Williams Bitcoin Will Crash To $10 By Mid-2014
27/12/2013 $746.72 The New York Times Paul Krugman Bitcoin Is Evil
Año 2014
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08/01/2014 $798.02 Valley News Stephen Mihm One Thing You Can Bank On: The Bitcoin Currency Is Doomed
08/01/2014 $859.95 Reuters Edward Hadas An Early Obituary For Bitcoin
08/02/2014 $821.39 The Motley Fool Gaurav Seetharam Why Bitcoin Is Doomed as a Currency
14/01/2014 $859.95 Financial Post Robert Shiller Bitcoin is an amazing example of a bubble
14/01/2014 $912.84 Seeking Alpha Robert Wagner Bitcoin Fails As A Currency And The Bubble Will Eventually Pop
24/01/2014 $825.12 Robert Shiller Robert Shiller Bitcoin Is An Amazing Example Of A Bubble
11/02/2014 $669.44 The Weekly Standard Bitcoin Is Dead
25/02/2014 $534.71 Bloomberg Megan McArdle Mt. Gox Meltdown Spells Doom For Bitcoin
26/02/2014 $577.09 Street Insider Bitcoin Is Dead
27/02/2014 $576.70 Wall Street Daily The Exact Date For Bitcoin’s Final Crash To $0.00
04/03/2014 $663.60 NY Mag Kevin Roose “The Doomsday Cult Of Bitcoin”
05/03/2014 $661.79 Acton Joe Carter Bitcoin Is (Nearly) Dead
07/03/2014 $625.83 Salon Andrew Leonard Sorry, Libertarians: Your Dream Of A Bitcoin Paradise Is Officially Dead And Gone
11/03/2014 $628.95 Fortune The Real Reason Bitcoin Is Doomed
23/03/2014 $561.35 VICE News Taylor Owen Bitcoin Is Dead — Long Live Bitcoin
13/09/2014 $477.09 Yahoo Gina Sanchez This Could Be The End Of The Bitcoin Era
19/09/2014 $391.94 Financial Times Cult Markets: When The Bubble Bursts
04/10/2014 $325.49 David Seaman David Seaman We Need To Consider The Distinct Possibility That Bitcoin Is Dying
11/10/2014 $359.20 Jeremy Bowman 3 Reasons Bitcoin Is Doomed To Fail
29/10/2014 $333.38 CNN Jeffrey Robinson Where Did Bitcoin Go Wrong?
05/11/2014 $337.14 City A.M. Kevin Dowd Bitcoin Is Bust: Why Investors Should Abandon The Doomed Cryptocurrency
17/11/2014 $385.86 Alt-M Kevin Dowd Bitcoin Will Bite The Dust
15/12/2014 $345.10 Bloomberg Nathalie Reinelt Bitcoin Bears Say Told You So
16/12/2014 $326.08 The Washington Post Henry Farrell Bitcoin’s Financial Network Is Doomed
17/12/2014 $319.17 Acton Joe Carter Bitcoin Is (Nearly) All Dead
18/12/2014 $310.75 Mother Jones Kevin Drum “The Great Paradox Of Bitcoin: If It Ever Succeeds, It’s Doomed”
22/12/2014 $330.67 AOL Can Bitcoin Survive 2015?
26/12/2014 $327.16 Reuters Martin Hutchinson Bitcoin’s Defects Will Hasten Its Demise In 2015
Año 2015
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02/01/2015 $314.59 Was 2014 The Death March For Bitcoin?
07/01/2015 $294.88 Financial Times Bitcoin’s Upcoming Capital Crisis
09/01/2015 $290.51 Financial Times Bitcoin’s Upcoming Capital Crisis
12/01/2015 $267.09 The Kernel Why Bitcoin Is A Ponzi Scheme
13/01/2015 $226.98 David Glance Is This The End Of Bitcoin?
14/01/2015 $177.28 The Washington Post Matt O'Brien Bitcoin Revealed: A Ponzi Scheme For Redistributing Wealth From One Libertarian To Another
14/01/2015 $209.81 The New Statesman (UK) Ian Steadman Slowly but surely, Bitcoin appears to be falling apart
15/01/2015 $210.46 Business Insider Rob Price Bitcoin Is Getting Annihilated
15/01/2015 $209.81 The Telegraph Matthew Sparkes Bitcoin might be dead. It doesn't matter
17/01/2015 $199.63 Mybroadband Is This The End For Bitcoin?
21/01/2015 $225.98 Arduino Tronic Arduino Tronic Bitcoin To Die
29/01/2015 $232.40 Forbes Ross Gerber Why Apple Pay And Dollars Are Killing Bitcoin
05/02/2015 $216.77 Robert Nielsen Robert Nielsen The End Of Bitcoin
10/02/2015 $220.08 International Business Times Jeffrey Robinson Bitcoin Is Dying And Will Be Remembered Like Pogs
22/02/2015 $235.53 Sputnik News Andre Alessandro Five Reasons Bitcoin Revolution Is Over
09/03/2015 $288.52 Financial Times Predictions For 2015
25/03/2015 $246.13 Karel Mercx Bitcoin Is Going To Disappear
15/04/2015 $223.57 Coinfox Anthony Watson Bitreserve's New COO: Bitcoin Will Go Away In 5 Years
23/04/2015 $235.56 Fusion Nathaniel Popper Why Bitcoin’s Male Domination Will Be Its Downfall
20/05/2015 $234.25 Tony Arcieri Tony Arcieri The Death Of Bitcoin
08/06/2015 $228.65 Washington Post Matt O'Brien Bitcoin Isn’t The Future Of Money — It’s Either A Ponzi Scheme Or A Pyramid Scheme
29/06/2015 $256.49 Motherboard Christopher Malmo Bitcoin Is Unsustainable
12/07/2015 $309.98 Cato Journal Kevin Dowd Bitcoin Will Bite The Dust
04/08/2015 $284.50 Pascal Bouvier Pascal Bouvier Distributed Ledgers Part I Bitcoin Is Dead
15/09/2015 $319.93 Government Technology Jason Shueh More Dirt On The Bitcoin
02/10/2015 $237.40 DailyCampus Why Bitcoin Isn't The Wave Of The Future After All
05/10/2015 $240.59 The Drum John Quiggin Bitcoins Are A Waste Of Energy, Literally
07/10/2015 $243.27 Alister Maclin I Broke Bitcoin
14/10/2015 $252.59 Fortune Anthony Watson This Bitcoin Startup Is Changing Its Name And Moving Away From Bitcoin
25/10/2015 $246.07 PYMNTS KAREN WEBSTER The Blockchain: 'Just Like the Internet,' Except That It’s Not
04/11/2015 $408.74 Coindesk Jamie Dimon Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin Will Not Survive
04/11/2015 $449.79 Profit Confidential Gaurav S. Iyer Could Bitcoin Prices Hit $100? This is Why Bitcoin is Doomed
12/11/2015 $336.86 Finance Magnates Axel Weber UBS Chairman: Bitcoin Currency Will Fail, Has No Lender Of Last Resort
21/11/2015 $236.61 Plata Bitcoin Is Declining, but Is It Dead?
23/11/2015 $323.26 The Guardian Hal 90210 Former Bitcoin Companies Are Erasing Their Embarrassing Bits
Año 2016
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21/01/2016 $397.80 Financial Times Blockchain debate eclipses Basel III at Davos
09/02/2016 $373.32 The Lawfare Podcast Nicholas Weaver Nick Weaver On Why You Should Sell Your Bitcoin
14/02/2016 $406.74 Mike Hearn Mike Hearn The Resolution Of The Bitcoin Experiment
19/02/2016 $420.33 Washington Post Vivek Wadhwa R.I.P. Bitcoin. It’s Time To Move On.
20/02/2016 $436.52 The Week Ryan Cooper The Decline Of Bitcoin Shows You Can't Engineer Past Government
21/02/2016 $438.99 The Street Roger Arnold Bitcoin Is Dead, Long Live The Blockchain
02/03/2016 $417.93 Vice Peter Todd The Dream Of Buying A Coffee With Bitcoin Is Dying, If It’s Not Already Dead
03/03/2016 $421.60 Business Insider SAM SHEAD Bitcoin payments around the world are failing as the platform is overwhelmed
04/03/2016 $407.98 Fortune Jeff John Roberts The Crisis In Bitcoin And The Rise Of Blockchain
06/03/2016 $404.55 Seeking Alpha Ben Strubel Dumb Investment Of The Week: Bitcoin Investment Trust
07/03/2016 $412.98 CoinTelegraph David Yermack Death Sentence For The World’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency
08/03/2016 $411.76 The Street Roger Arnold Performing An Autopsy On The Bitcoin
26/03/2016 $416.73 Coindesk John Biggs 1,000 Bitcoin Wallets Won't Replace One Financial Revolution
19/04/2016 $436.11 Yahoo Taavet Hinrikus ‘Bitcoin Is Dead,’ Says Prominent Fintech Exec
21/05/2016 $443.14 Forbes Greg Satell Bitcoin May Be Failing, But The Technology Behind It Will Live On
03/06/2016 $572.65 Adam Smith Institute Tim Worstall WE RATHER DISAGREE WITH THIS ESTIMATION OF BITCOIN
07/07/2016 $639.76 WSJ Jon Sindreu Bitcoin’s Rallying Again—But Isn’t Getting Much Attention Anymore
21/07/2016 $665.10 Stephan Tual Why Ethereum Succeeded Where Bitcoin Failed
21/07/2016 $663.23 Free Keene Ethan Glover Is Bitcoin a Failure?
25/08/2016 $575.73 Deal Breaker Jon Shazar The Bitcoin Bros Have Lost
30/08/2016 $576.00 Quartz Luke Ryan How Bitcoin Was Brought Down By Its Own Potential—And The Banks
16/09/2016 $606.43 Medium Arthur Brock Cryptocurrencies are Dead
12/10/2016 $635.08 Newsweek Martin Tomlinson Is Bitcoin Doomed?
03/11/2016 $687.51 Bloomberg Christopher Langner Bitcoin's At It Again
17/11/2016 $735.41 Coin Journal Jeremy Allaire Circle CEO: Nobody Will Be Using Bitcoin In 5 To 10 Years
21/11/2016 $736.72 Vox Nathaniel Popper Bitcoin Was Supposed To Change The World. What Happened?
07/12/2016 $763.90 Fortune Why This Well-Funded Startup Just Gave Up On Bitcoin
08/12/2016 $766.75 LinkedIn Jiri Kram Bitcoin Is A Bubble. It Will Burst On Monday 12 December 2016
Año 2017
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03/01/2017 $1,030.82 Financial Times Bitcoin Passes $1,000 But Only Number That Matters Is Zero
06/01/2017 $895.67 Wired Cade Metz Bitcoin Will Never Be A Currency—It’s Something Way Weirder
26/01/2017 $915.10 Tom McClellan Tom McClellan Bitcoin Is A Bubble We’ve Seen Before
24/02/2017 $1,180.92 Business Insider Ann Pettifor A Leading Economist Explains Why Bitcoin Isn't Money
24/02/2017 $1,185.01 Gizmodo Michael Nunez Bitcoin Refuses to Just Die Already
27/02/2017 $1,194.28 Finance Feeds Andrew Saks-McLeod Bitcoin Will Never Be A Financial Mainstay
20/04/2017 $1,255.40 Forbes Ben Lee The Rise And Fall Of Bitcoin (And The New Kid On The Blockchain)
04/05/2017 $1,515.63 Daily Reckoning Ray Blanco The Beginning Of The End For Bitcoin
05/05/2017 $1,512.21 Daily Reckoning Matt Insley The Death Of Bitcoin
19/05/2017 $1,968.10 SeekingAlpha John Lohr Bitcoins: Are You Kidding Me?
24/05/2017 $2,476.30 Macro Business David Llewellyn-Smith Bitcoin: Ponzi Gone Global
30/05/2017 $2,197.23 Jonathan Harris Jonathan Harris What Is A Good Price For Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies? Zero.
06/06/2017 $2,914.08 CNBC Mark Cuban Mark Cuban Calls Bitcoin A Bubble, Price Falls
13/06/2017 $2,738.93 Business Insider Raoul Pal Raoul Pal: Bitcoin Is A Mania
15/06/2017 $2,456.92 MarketWatch Brett Arends Stay Away From Bitcoin — It’s Complete Garbage
20/06/2017 $2,778.83 James Rickards James Rickards Bitcoin And Ethereum 'Both Soon Obsolete'
06/07/2017 $2,619.11 Investopedia Landon D. Whaley Why Investors Should Ignore The Cryptocurrency Hype
08/07/2017 $2,654.39 Steemit Imcolo Why Bitcoin is doomed to fail
10/07/2017 $3,348.29 Welt Frank Stocker Bitcoin werden scheitern – und die Welt verĂ€ndern
12/07/2017 $2,423.16 Yahoo Finance James Faucette Bitcoin Acceptance Is Virtually Zero And Shrinking
24/07/2017 $2,779.04 Market Watch Jared Dillian The Biggest Financial Bloggers Reveal Their Positions On Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies
25/07/2017 $2,591.22 Bloomberg Howard Marks Howard Marks Sounds the Alarm on Tech, Cryptocurrencies and Private Equity
27/07/2017 $2,697.47 Business Insider Howard Marks Billionaire Investor Howard Marks Says Cryptocurrencies 'Aren't Real'
28/07/2017 $2,805.18 Rusi Tom Keatinge Cryptocurrencies Will Be The Architects Of Their Own Demise
09/08/2017 $3,431.97 Bitcoin and The Blockchain Alasdair Macleod BTC Is Dead
10/08/2017 $3,445.28 Splinter Hamilton Nolan All This Bitcoin Stuff Is Fake
13/08/2017 $4,111.20 The Street Ken Goldberg Bitcoin Just Surged Over $4000 And Is Near Biggest Financial Crash In 400 Years
14/08/2017 $4,382.74 CNBC Dennis Gartman Gartman: Avoid The Bitcoin Boom
15/08/2017 $4,204.43 Forbes Adam Hartung A Bitcoin Is Worth $4,000; Why You Probably Should Not Own One
17/08/2017 $4,316.34 Coindesk Peter Schiff Bitcoin Bear Peter Schiff Doubles Down: Even At $4,000 It's Still A Bubble
20/08/2017 $4,111.22 Twitter Steve Hanke Bitcoin Is Still Just A Speculative Asset
21/08/2017 $4,054.94 Antonius Aquinas Antonius Aquinas Bitcoin In An Illusionary Age
23/08/2017 $4,189.64 Forbes Panos Mourdoukoutas Big Governments Will Crush Bitcoin, But Won't Kill It
25/08/2017 $4,408.32 TheStreet Peter Schiff Here's How Bitcoin Will Collapse
03/09/2017 $4,631.70 Libertarian Home Nico Metten Bitcoin – A Textbook Example Of Investing Psychology
04/09/2017 $4,319.72 SeekingAlpha John Lohr The Death Of Bitcoin And The Future Of Cryptocurrencies
05/09/2017 $4,422.12 LA Times Michael Hiltzik Bitcoin's Price Hit $5,000 Last Week. It's Still A Dumb Investment
05/09/2017 $4,363.02 The Aleph Blog David Merkel Where Money Goes to Die
07/09/2017 $4,638.10 MarketWatch Brett Arends Bitcoin, Ether And Other Cryptocurrencies May Be Seeing The Beginning Of The End
09/09/2017 $4,291.88 Forbes Panos Mourdoukoutas Why China Crushed Bitcoin
11/09/2017 $4,188.85 Moneyweb Paul Donovan What Bitcoin Isn’t
12/09/2017 $4,148.27 CNBC Jamie Dimon JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Says Bitcoin Is A Fraud That Will Eventually Blow Up
13/09/2017 $3,874.26 CNBC Ron Insana Bitcoin Is In A Bubble, And Here's How It's Going To Crash
15/09/2017 $3,686.90 CNBC Marko Kolanovic JPMorgan's Top Quant Strategist, Echoing CEO, Compares Bitcoin To Pyramid Scheme
17/09/2017 $3,672.57 Natural News Mike Adams John McAfee Accidentally Just Revealed Why Bitcoin Is A Total Fraud
18/09/2017 $4,067.08 Wall Street Journal James Mackintosh Bitcoin’s Wild Ride Shows The Truth: It Is Probably Worth Zero
19/09/2017 $3,897.00 CNBC Ray Dalio Bridgewater Founder Ray Dalio: Bitcoin Is A Bubble
20/09/2017 $3,858.09 John Hathaway Stay Away From Bitcoin, It's An Absolute Bubble, Says Tocqueville's Hathaway
21/09/2017 $3,612.68 Bloomberg VĂ­tor ConstĂąncio ECB's Constancio Says Bitcoin Isn't a Currency, It's a Tulip
25/09/2017 $3,927.50 Bob Moriarty Bitcoin To Zero
27/09/2017 $4,208.56 The Street Jordan Belfort Bitcoin Is A Fraud, Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Proclaims
28/09/2017 $4,185.29 South China Morning Post Bill Harris Bitcoin's Fabulous Rise Will Eventually End In Tears
02/10/2017 $4,404.10 Bloomberg Larry Fink Larry Fink Says Cryptocurrencies Show Level of Money Laundering
03/10/2017 $4,417.98 The Economic Times Hiral Thanawala, Narendra Nathan 7 reasons why you should not invest in bitcoins, cryptocurrencies
03/10/2017 $4,417.98 STOCK EMPEROR STOCK EMPEROR American SEC begins purge of cryptocurrencies by targeting Bittrex
09/10/2017 $4,772.98 The Guardian Kenneth Rogoff Bitcoin's Price Bubble Will Burst Under Government Pressure
10/10/2017 $4,754.70 Business Insider Gary Shilling Gary Shilling Calls Bitcoin A Black Box And Says He Doesn't Invest In Things He Doesn't Understand
13/10/2017 $5,640.13 CNBC Jamie Dimon Jamie Dimon Says If You're Stupid Enough To Buy Bitcoin, You'll Pay The Price One Day
15/10/2017 $5,697.39 The Street Peter Schiff Peter Schiff: Bitcoin Is Not The Money Of The Future
16/10/2017 $5,754.22 CNBC Robert Shiller Nobel-Winning Economist Shiller Calls Bitcoin A Fad
16/10/2017 $5,640.15 Fortune JEFF JOHN ROBERTS Bernanke Thinks Bitcoin Will Fail (But He Likes Blockchain)
20/10/2017 $5,660.99 Forbes Panos Mourdoukoutas Technology Will Kill Bitcoin
23/10/2017 $5,895.30 CNBC Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Prince Alwaleed Says Bitcoin Will Implode: Enron In The Making
24/10/2017 $5,518.85 UCLA Ivo Welch UCLA Faculty Voice: Bitcoin Is An Energy-Wasting Ponzi Scheme
25/10/2017 $5,733.90 Coin Telegraph Frisco D'Anconia Bitcoin Mining Wastes Vast Amounts of Energy, Harms Environment
28/10/2017 $5,732.83 MarketWatch Warren Buffett Inside Warren Buffett’s Master Class On Bitcoin
01/11/2017 $6,750.17 Economist Buttonwood Greater Fool Theory: The Bitcoin Bubble
02/11/2017 $7,030.00 Bloomberg Tidjane Thiam Bitcoin Is The Very Definition’ Of A Bubble, Credit Suisse CEO Says
05/11/2017 $7,382.45 Telegraph Tom Stevenson Bitcoin Is On The Same Path As Every Bubble In History
07/11/2017 $7,118.80 CNBC Frederic Oudea Bitcoin Has No Future Because Of Its Anonymity, SocGen CEO Says
08/11/2017 $7,143.47 Business Insider Damian SzymaƄski Bitcoin is a 'gigantic speculative bubble'
10/11/2017 $6,570.31 City Falcon Ruzbeh Bacha Bitcoin Price Will Go To Zero As Bitcoin Will Struggle To Remain The Dominant Cryptocurrency
14/11/2017 $6,598.77 CNBC David Gledhill One Of Asia's Largest Banks Says Bitcoin Is A Ponzi Scheme
16/11/2017 $7,843.94 Reuters Tomo Uetake, Hideyuki Sano Bitcoin is a bubble, no plans to short-sell: Japan Post Bank CIO
16/11/2017 $7,058.75 Financial Review Elmer Funke Kupper Why Bitcoin Will Go The Way Of The Tulips
21/11/2017 $8,095.59 Twitter Deadal Nix Bitcoin Is Dead. It Was Split Into Two.
23/11/2017 $8,002.64 The Guardian The Guardian View On Cryptocurrencies: Blockchain Of Fools
23/11/2017 $8,196.15 ListVerse Elena Stark 10 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Fail
23/11/2017 $8,196.15 The Telegraph ABHISHEK PARAJULI The Bitcoin bubble will burst. It's time for a 'Bitpound'
27/11/2017 $9,739.06 Financial Express Time To Sell Your Bitcoins: Cryptocurrencies Success A Bubble, Central Bankers Around The World Warn
27/11/2017 $9,096.37 James Howard Kuntstler James Howard Exit Sign
27/11/2017 $9,096.37 Market Watch Constantin Gurdgiev Bitcoin rally may continue — but is it driven more by high-school dropouts than fundamentals?
28/11/2017 $9,908.23 Splinter Hamilton Nolan You're Gonna Lose All Your Money On Bitcoin, Idiots
29/11/2017 $9,816.35 Bloomberg Joseph Stiglitz Bitcoin ‘Ought To Be Outlawed,’ Nobel Prize Winner Stiglitz Says
29/11/2017 $9,972.67 Bloomberg Luke Kawa This Is What Could Pop the Bitcoin Bubble
30/11/2017 $9,916.54 The Atlantic Derek Thompson Bitcoin Is A Delusion That Could Conquer The World
01/12/2017 $10,859.56 Business Insider Paul Donovan There's A Fatal Flaw In Cryptocurrencies Which Means They Can Never Be Real Currencies
02/12/2017 $10,895.01 The Motley Fool Sean Williams When This Happens, Bitcoin Could Be Doomed
03/12/2017 $11,180.89 Business Insider James Rickards Economist James Rickards On Gold Versus Bitcoin — Intrinsic Value Is Meaningless For Both But The Bitcoin Prices Aren't Real
04/12/2017 $11,616.86 CNBC Stephen Roach Bitcoin Is A Dangerous Speculative Bubble
05/12/2017 $11,696.06 Irish Times Robert Ophele Bitcoin: French Economist Predicts Day Of Reckoning
06/12/2017 $13,708.99 CNBC Alan Greenspan Greenspan Compares Bitcoin To Colonial America Currency That Eventually Became Worthless
07/12/2017 $16,858.02 CNN John Quiggin Bitcoin Boom May Be A Disaster For The Environment
08/12/2017 $16,057.15 The Telegraph Zac Bissonette A New Gold? Bitcoin Is More Like The Beanie Baby Bubble
08/12/2017 $15,455.75 Linkedin John Danahy Bitcoin is doomed. Long live blockchain
10/12/2017 $15,036.96 The Street Peter Schiff Bitcoin Prices Are Headed To $0.00: Peter Schiff
11/12/2017 $16,699.68 The Hill Bert Ely Bitcoin Is A Ponzi Scheme, And It Will Collapse Like One
11/12/2017 $16,699.68 Bloomberg Scott Deveau,Erik Schatzker Bitcoin Has `No Intrinsic Value,' Brookfield CEO Flatt Says
11/12/2017 $14,594.78 Hernaes Christoffer HernĂŠs Bitcoin is useless
11/12/2017 $14,594.78 The Washington Post Benjamin A.T. Graham, Allison Kingsley Why bitcoin’s success could be its downfall
12/12/2017 $17,178.10 Washington Post Matt O’Brien Bitcoin Is The Most Perfect Bubble Possible
12/12/2017 $17,178.10 The Week JEFF SPROSS Why bitcoin is fool's gold
13/12/2017 $16,407.20 DW Alex de Vries Bitcoin Energy Boom Stamps Down Colossal Carbon Footprint
14/12/2017 $16,531.08 Webb-Site David M. Webb Bitcoin: The World's First Decentralised Ponzi Scheme
15/12/2017 $16,547.58 CNBC Sam Meredith Bitcoin buyers should be prepared to lose all their money, top UK regulator warns
15/12/2017 $16,547.58 CNBC Tae Kim Seth Klarman calls bitcoin a ‘trading sardine,’ others say ‘speculative mania’ — They are right
15/12/2017 $16,547.58 The Sun Nicola Stow Real life Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort slams Bitcoin as a ‘huge, gigantic scam’ and warns wannabe investors not to waste their money
15/12/2017 $16,547.58 Russian Today Russia & China will engineer bitcoin apocalypse, Saxo Bank predicts
16/12/2017 $19,343.04 Business Insider Paul Krugman A Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Says Bitcoin Is A More Obvious Bubble Than Housing Was
18/12/2017 $18,960.52 Business Insider Emil Oldenburg The Swedish Co-Founder Of Bitcoin.Com Has Sold All His Bitcoins
21/12/2017 $15,561.05 RT Peter Schiff Bitcoin Heading To $0.00
22/12/2017 $13,857.15 Hackernoon Kai Stinchcombe Ten Years In, Nobody Has Come Up With A Use For Blockchain
24/12/2017 $13,975.44 Huffington Post Robert Kuttner The Bitcoin Hoax
25/12/2017 $13,917.03 Business Insider James Faucette Morgan Stanley Says The True Price Of Bitcoin Might Be Zero
27/12/2017 $15,378.29 Bloomberg Megan McArdle Bitcoin Is An Implausible Currency
28/12/2017 $14,428.76 Forbes Jay Adkisson The Great Bitcoin Scam
29/12/2017 $14,427.87 The Sidney Morning Herald Michael Pascoe Why Bitcoin Investors Are Like Stamp Collectors
30/12/2017 $12,629.81 SMBlog Steven M. Bellovin Bitcoin—The Andromeda Strain Of Computer Science Research
Año 2018
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02/01/2018 $13,672.76 CTech Amit Karp Bitcoin Will Crash, Venture Capital Will Flow, Innovation Will Spread
03/01/2018 $15,134.65 Boston Globe Jeffrey D. Sachs The Bitcoin Bubble Will Likely Burst, And Here’s Why
04/01/2018 $15,155.23 CNBC Jeremy Grantham Investor Who Called Last Two Major Market Crashes Says Bitcoin Is A Bubble
04/01/2018 $14,053.44 Medium Orge Castellano Why Bitcoin Is Doomed to Fail
05/01/2018 $16,937.17 The South China Morning Post David Dodwell The Bitcoin Revolution Isn’t Coming. Here’s Why
07/01/2018 $16,178.50 The Guardians The Guardian View On Cryptocurrencies: A Greater Fool’s Gold
08/01/2018 $16,831.09 The Whashington Post Matt O'Brien Bitcoin is teaching libertarians everything they don’t know about economics
10/01/2018 $14,890.72 CNBC Warren Buffett Cryptocurrencies Will Come To A Bad Ending
11/01/2018 $13,287.26 Social Europe Paul De Grauwe Bitcoin Is Not The Currency Of The Future
12/01/2018 $13,812.72 The Motley Fool Matt Smith Bitcoin’s Demise Moves Closer
16/01/2018 $11,348.02 CNBC Dick Kovacevich Bitcoin Is A Pyramid Scheme, Warns Former Wells Fargo CEO Dick Kovacevich
16/01/2018 $13,996.74 Bloomberg Joe Nocera Sorry, Bitcoin Fans. Digital Currency Is Still a Dream.
17/01/2018 $11,141.25 Bloomberg David Shipley Bitcoin Isn't The Future Of Money
19/01/2018 $11,514.93 Express Benjamin Quinlan Bitcoin Price Threat: Bitcoin Won’t Last Past 2018
19/01/2018 $11,514.93 CNBC Arjun Kharpal, Holly Ellyatt Bitcoin could be here for 100 years but it’s more likely to ‘totally collapse,’ Nobel laureate says
19/01/2018 $11,582.56 The Week JEFF SPROSS The end of bitcoin
19/01/2018 $11,582.56 Hugh Howey Hugh Howey The end of bitcoin
22/01/2018 $10,772.15 Jesse Cohen 5 Reasons Bitcoin Won't Survive
24/01/2018 $11,399.52 Inside Story John Quiggin Bitcoin’s Zero-Sum Game
26/01/2018 $11,090.06 Hackernoon Robert Ussery III Killing The King — How To End The Reign Of Bitcoin
26/01/2018 $11,081.87 Investment News Joe Duran How bitcoin and blockchain will change the world
26/01/2018 $11,081.87 Project Syndicate NOURIEL ROUBINI Blockchain’s Broken Promises
29/01/2018 $11,158.39 Yahoo Finance David Taylor Bitcoin’s A Joke, But There Is Serious Money To Be Made
30/01/2018 $10,035.00 Seattle Times Paul Krugman Bitcoin Is Basically A Ponzi Scheme
02/02/2018 $8,827.63 Bloomberg Nouriel Roubini Roubini Says Bitcoin Is The ‘Biggest Bubble In Human History’
06/02/2018 $7,700.39 CNBC Augustin Carstens Bitcoin Savaged By BIS As ‘A Bubble, Ponzi Scheme And An Environmental Disaster’
10/02/2018 $8,556.61 Express Kurt Pribil ‘Bitcoin Price Is Pure Speculation’ Bank Of Austria Chief Attacks Popular Cryptocurrency
19/02/2018 $11,159.72 Reuters Paul Singer BoE's Carney Says Bitcoin Has Pretty Much Failed As Currency
20/02/2018 $11,228.24 Business Insider South Africa Lesetja Kganyago No-One Will Pick Up Bitcoin, Warns SA’s Central Bank Governor
20/02/2018 $10,941.31 Market Watch Aaron Hankin Hedge-fund honcho Singer says bitcoin is ‘one of the most brilliant scams in history’
26/02/2018 $10,313.08 CNBC Richard Turnill World's Largest Asset Manager Says Get Ready To Stomach Complete Losses In Cryptocurrencies
28/02/2018 $10,309.64 Quartz David Ryan Polgar Cryptocurrency Is A Giant Multi-Level Marketing Scheme
05/03/2018 $11,432.98 The Guardian Nouriel Roubini Bitcoin Is Based On The Blockchain Pipe Dream
08/03/2018 $9,299.28 Kiplinger Steve Goldberg 7 Reasons Bitcoin Is Doomed
14/03/2018 $8,196.90 Bloomberg Stefan Hofrichter Bitcoin Is Worthless, Bubble May Pop Soon, Allianz Global Says
22/03/2018 $8,712.89 SeekingAlpha Arnuj Naik The Bitcoin Fad Is Over
22/03/2018 $9,022.45 Aitken Blog Neil Aitken What Happens To Bitcoin after the hype is gone?
05/04/2018 $7,126.60 CNBC Arjun Kharpal Bitcoin is ‘worthless’ and will perform worse than stocks in the coming months, analyst says
05/04/2018 $7,126.60 Medium Kai Stinchcombe Blockchain is not only crappy technology but a bad vision for the future
09/04/2018 $6,773.94 Bloomberg Michael Hartnett Bitcoin, The Biggest Bubble In History, Is Popping
10/04/2018 $6,830.90 Markets Insider Bitcoin Mania Has Clear Parallels To The Spread Of Infectious Diseases According To Barclays
11/04/2018 $6,939.55 Vox Nicholas Weaver Why Bitcoin Is Bullshit, Explained By An Expert
12/04/2018 $7,916.37 MarketWatch Atulya Sarin This Is All It Would Take For Bitcoin To Become A Worthless Cryptocurrency
13/04/2018 $7,889.23 Financial Times Dan McCrum Sell All Crypto And Abandon All Blockchain
24/04/2018 $9,652.16 Recode Bill Harris Bitcoin Is The Greatest Scam In History
05/05/2018 $9,826.60 CNBC Warren Buffett Warren Buffett Says Bitcoin Is Probably Rat Poison Squared
07/05/2018 $9,362.53 CNBC Warren Buffett They Come To An End
17/05/2018 $8,058.60 Grist Eric Holthaus Bitcoin’s Energy Use Got Studied, And You Libertarian Nerds Look Even Worse Than Usual
19/05/2018 $8,058.60 Amstrong Economics Martin Armstrong Can Cryptocurrencies Survive?
22/05/2018 $7,983.52 MarketWatch Joe Davis There’s A ‘Decent Probability’ Bitcoin Goes To Zero, Says Vanguard Economist
15/06/2018 $6,410.72 Bloomberg Lionel Laurent Bitcoin's Greater Fools Go Into Hiding
17/06/2018 $6,507.45 Bloomberg Lionel Laurent Bitcoin Could Break the Internet, Central Bank Overseer Says
18/06/2018 $6,709.48 South China Morning Post The Bank for International Settlements Bitcoin Is An Environmental Disaster And Could Bring The Internet To A Halt, Study Says
22/06/2018 $6,709.48 CNBC Melissa Lee Fast Money’s bitcoin funeral
23/06/2018 $6,170.56 NZ Herald Mike Taylor Talk Of Bitcoin's Demise Was On The Money
28/06/2018 $5,848.26 Independent Hamish McRae Bitcoin Has Fallen To Its Lowest Point Since November And Will Probably Be Totally Wiped Out
29/06/2018 $6,203.90 CNBC Jordan Belfort Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort On Bitcoin: Get Out If You Don't Want To Lose All Of Your Money
04/07/2018 $6,584.77 NYPost John Crudele Why Bitcoin May Soon Be Worth Nothing
12/07/2018 $6,245.63 CoinGape Joseph Carson Bitcoin Will Die
13/07/2018 $6,217.61 RealClear Markets Gary Smith With The Con That's Bitcoin, There's No There There
31/07/2018 $7,726.89 NYTimes Paul Krugman Why I’m A Crypto Skeptic
15/08/2018 $6,270.04 CNBC Bill Harris Bitcoin Is Useless As A Payment Mechanism And Ridiculous As A Store Of Value
30/08/2018 $6,982.40 Economist Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Are Useless
12/09/2018 $6,328.93 MISES Joseph T. Salerno The Great Cryptocurrency Crash Of 2018
21/09/2018 $6,753.18 HKMA Norman T.L. Chan Crypto-Assets And Money
01/10/2018 $6,578.79 Medium Karen Webster Bitcoin: 10 Years Of Smoke And Mirrors
11/10/2018 $6,177.23 MarketWatch Nouriel Roubini Dr. Doom Says Bitcoin Represents The Mother Of All Bubbles
15/10/2018 $6,513.38 Project Syndicate Nouriel Roubini The Big Blockchain Lie
11/11/2018 $5,620.88 Forbes Yuwa Hedrick-Wong Cryptocurrencies Have Failed, And Blockchain Still Has Yet To Be Proven Useful
15/11/2018 $5,620.88 Numismatic News Dave Harper Getting Poorer With Bitcoin
17/11/2018 $5,536.07 David Chance Bitcoin's Rollercoaster Ride Finally Comes Off The Tracks
20/11/2018 $4,413.80 MarketWatch Ivan Martchev Victims Of Bitcoin Insanity Are Quickly Piling Up
21/11/2018 $4,574.36 Bloomberg Lionel Laurent Jamie Dimon And Warren Buffett Have The Last Laugh On Bitcoin
21/11/2018 $4,554 CNN Nouriel Roubini ‘Crypto Bubble Went Bust for Good’: Bitcoin-Bashing NYU Prof. Nouriel Roubini
25/11/2018 $3,952.91 CNN Edward Snowden Bitcoin Won’t Last, But Crypto is Here to Stay: Edward Snowden
26/11/2018 $3,761.42 NYPost John Crudele The Bitcoin ‘Pyramid Scheme’ Continues To Collapse
27/11/2018 $3,800.20 Twitter Steve Hanke Don't Be Tricked, Buying Bitcoin Is A Fool
28/11/2018 $4,241.58 PBS Robert C. Merton Why A Nobel Laureate In Economics Thinks Bitcoin Is Toast
30/11/2018 $3,992.16 Bloomberg Bitcoin Becomes A Story Of Boom And Bust
30/11/2018 $3,975 CNBC Tyler Clifford ‘I come to bury Bitcoin, not to praise it’: UBS
03/12/2018 $3,855.68 MarketWatch Atulya Sarin Bitcoin Is Close To Becoming Worthless
07/12/2018 $3,404.46 Forbes Peter Mallouk Is Bitcoin Going To Zero?
09/12/2018 $3,566.34 MotherJones Kevin Drum The Bitcoin Con May Soon Be Over
10/12/2018 $3,447.35 TheConversation Lee Smales How Low Will Bitcoin Now Go?
11/12/2018 $3,378.12 TreeHugger Ilana Strauss Good News: Bitcoin Is Becoming Worthless
14/12/2018 $3,223.76 MarketWatch Erik Finman Bitcoin Is Pretty Much Dead, Says Teenage Crypto Phenom
17/12/2018 $3,540.20 Express Calvin Ayre BTC Will Be ‘Worthless And Have Zero Value’ In 2019
18/12/2018 $3,703.81 SeekingAlpha Anthony Garcia The Decline Is Fundamental, Unsolvable, And The End Of BTC
20/12/2018 $4,107.69 engadget Daniel Cooper Bitcoin's Terrible 2018 Doesn't Bode Well For The Future Of Crypto
30/12/2018 $3,880.91 Forbes Frances Coppola Bitcoin Maximalists' Impossible Dream
31/12/2018 $3,740.50 CCN Robert R. Johnson No Investment Strategies Are Worse Than Cryptocurrencies
Año 2019
Fecha Precio BTC Idioma Medio Autor Enlace
08/01/2019 $4,029.99 CCN Ardo Hansson Cryptocurrencies A ‘Load Of Nonsense'
08/01/2019 $4,032.01 CoinTelegraph MARIE HUILLET BTC 'Intrinsically Inefficient, Will Disappear’
13/01/2019 $3,540.16 Coindesk Kevin Dowd Bitcoin Will Still Bite The Dust
23/01/2019 $3,576.01 CNBC Jeff Schumacher Bitcoin Will Go To Zero: Davos Talks Up The Future Of Blockchain Tech
29/01/2019 $3,421.12 arsTECHNICA Nicholas Weaver Cryptocurrency: Burn It With Fire
04/02/2019 $3,451.12 TRUSTNODES Atulya Sarin Crypto Declared Dead, Is This Now The Bottom?
06/02/2019 $3,393.67 Wired Bruce Schneier There's No Good Reason To Trust Blockchain Technology
07/02/2019 $3,385.97 Bitcoinist Carlos Conesa Bitcoin Inefficient As Large-scale Payment System
14/02/2019 $3,592.91 Barrons Ben Walsh JPMorgan Just Killed The Bitcoin Dream
25/02/2019 $3,852.16 CNBC Warren Buffett Bitcoin Has No Unique Value At All
02/03/2019 $3,845.11 The Spectator Ross Anderson The Case Of The Disappearing Bitcoin
19/03/2019 $5,214.55 Forbes David B. Black Blockchain Has Been Unblocked, Unchained And Broken
24/03/2019 $3,994.03 YouTube Dan Peña I Know Who's The Guy Behind Bitcoin And When That Comes Out Bitcoin Is Going To Zero
25/03/2019 $3,929.31 CCN Nicholas Weaver Bitcoin Is Nothing More Than ‘Bovine Excrement’
02/04/2019 $4,908.69 Gizmodo Matt Novak Nobody Learned Their Lesson After The Last Crash
04/04/2019 $4,917.85 BREAKERMAG Nicholas Weaver The Best Thing To Do With Crypto? Burn It With Fire
03/05/2019 $5,775.88 Twitter Peter Schiff They overlook gold's obvious utility, they ascribe utility to Bitcoin where none exists!
04/05/2019 $5,876.01 Twitter Steve Hanke Bitcoin Is Unreliable And Susceptible To Fraud
05/05/2019 $5,823.80 CNBC Warren Buffett Warren Buffett Says Bitcoin Is A ‘Gambling Device’
14/05/2019 $7,978.01 CNBC Kevin O’Leary Kevin O’Leary Calls Bitcoin ‘Garbage’
19/05/2019 $8,189.38 Twitter Steve Hanke Buying Bitcoin Is A Fool's Game
20/05/2019 $7,995.97 NYPost John Crudele Bitcoin Will Soon Be Worth Zero
22/05/2019 $7,623.51 NYPost John Crudele Bitcoin Manipulation Madness Calls For Massive Investigation
27/05/2019 $8,783.07 Twitter Jason Calacanis Bitcoin Will Likely Be Replaced By A New Technology
31/05/2019 $8,544.97 Tribune Alex Sobel The Bitcoin Scam
06/06/2019 $7,806.72 Express John Reed Stark Stark Warning For Crypto Fans – ‘It’ll All Be Worth Zero’
24/06/2019 $11,041.85 Twitter Peter Schiff None More Foolish Than What’s Being Said To Rationalize The Bitcoin Bubble
27/06/2019 $11,170.89 MarketWatch Brett Arends Bitcoin’s Crash Hurts The Latecomers Once Again
29/06/2019 $11,882.51 NYPost Jonathon Trugman Bitcoin Not Built To Last, Despite Recent Surge
02/07/2019 $10,850.40 Twitter Nouriel Roubini It Will Get To Zero In Due Time
06/07/2019 $11,252.45 Irish Tech News David Fritsche The End Of Bitcoin As We Know It
11/07/2019 $11,345.77 Twitter Donald Trump Donald Trump Not A Fan Of Bitcoin
13/07/2019 $11,350.63 MarketWatch Brett Arends Donald Trump Is Right About Bitcoin
15/07/2019 $10,842.45 MarketWatch Gary Smith Bitcoin Buyers Are Only Fooling Themselves Again
24/07/2019 $9,771.57 CNBC Steven Mnuchin I Can Assure You I Will Personally Not Be Loaded Up On Bitcoin In 10 Years
06/08/2019 $11,467.20 SSRN Franz J. Hinzen, Kose John, & Fahad Saleh Bitcoin’s Fatal Flaw: The Limited Adoption Problem
14/08/2019 $10,036.19 CCN Ed Butowsky BTC Value Will Crash 99%
23/08/2019 $10,406.74 TradingView MrRenev Bitcoin: The End Of An Era
24/08/2019 $10,147.76 Medium Michael K. Spencer RIP Decentralization
14/09/2019 $10,365.45 Twitter Timothy Peterson Bitcoin Will Be Dead By 2030
24/09/2019 $8,538.11 Portfilo Wealth Global Jim Rogers All Cryptos Will Disappear
21/11/2019 $7,633.95 CCN Mark Dow Bitcoin Is Dying
31/12/2019 $7,182.40 Yahoo Finance Tendayi Kapfidze It's A Pyramid Scheme
Año 2020
Fecha Precio BTC Idioma Medio Autor Enlace
27/01/2020 $8,901.51 The Block Deutsche Bank Says Bitcoin Is Too Volatile To Be A Reliable Store Of Value
24/02/2020 $9,664.63 CNBC Warren Buffett Bitcoin Has No Value
04/03/2020 $8,767.89 UTODAY Andrew Bailey It Has No Intrinsic Value
01/06/2020 $9,564.95 Coin Geek Patrick Thompson BTC Has No Utility
21/06/2020 $9,339.13 Cointelegraph Jim Rogers The Value Of Bitcoin Will Drop To Zero
16/08/2020 $11,908.33 Twitter Peter Schiff Bitcoin Has No Value To Store
18/08/2020 $12,327.50 Crypto News Banque de France Bitcoin Is ‘a Myth’ Says French Central Bank Policymaker
01/09/2020 $11,964.21 Investorplace Wayne Duggan Bitcoin Is Still Rat Poison Squared
04/09/2020 $10,292.60 NEWSBTC James Royal Bitcoin Is Worthless In Long-Term
08/09/2020 $10,316.58 Twitter Mark Dow Bitcoin Is Over
23/10/2020 $12,940.11 The Times Oliver Kamm Cryptocurrencies Are A Fad Best Avoided
28/09/2020 $11,356.91 FinExtra Piers Marais Cryptocurrency is dead. Long live Central Bank Digital Currency!
18/11/2020 $17,785.27 CoinDesk Jamie Dimon ‘Not My Cup of Tea’: Jamie Dimon Is Still Not a Bitcoin Fan
18/11/2020 $17,804.01 The Felder Report Jesse Felder Please Stop Asking Me About Bitcoin
26/11/2020 $17,182.49 Twitter Nouriel Roubini Bitcoin Has No Role In Institutional Or Retail Investors Portfolios
04/12/2020 $18,657.42 Decrypt Steve Forbes Bitcoin 'Too Volatile' to Be Store of Value: Steve Forbes
17/12/2020 $22,812.28 SeekingAlpha Anton Wahlman Bitcoin Is Fundamentally Worthless
17/12/2020 $22,805.16 Bloomberg David Rosenberg Bitcoin Is in a ‘Massive Bubble,’ Economist Rosenberg Says
18/12/2020 $23,133.29 Twitter Amy Castor Bitcoin Is A Ponzi
20/12/2020 $23,459.00 The Motley Fool Sean Williams Buying Bitcoin Is Pure Speculation
24/12/2020 $23,729.65 Yahoo Nouriel Roubini The Price Of Bitcoin Is Totally Manipulated
28/12/2020 $27,041.87 metzdowd Ray Dillinger Bitcoin Is A Disaster
Año 2021
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02/01/2021 $32,127.27 Instituto de computaciĂłn de UNICAMP Jorge Stolfi Bitcoin is a Ponzi
02/01/2021 $32,198.48 Twitter Peter Schiff Those Who Invest The Most Will Lose The Most
05/01/2021 $32,992.43 Seeking Alpha Anton Wahlman Worth Exactly Zero: Crypto And Bitcoin, A Pure Techno Babble
12/01/2021 $34,059.91 Medium James Surowiecki The Bitcoin Dream Is Dead
12/01/2021 $47,504.85 Twitter Nassim Nicholas Taleb I’ve been getting rid of my BTC
22/01/2021 $33,018.83 Bloomberg Jeremy Grantham Bitcoin Has ‘Nil’ Value
26/01/2021 $32,255.35 Bloomberg Lionel Laurent Bitcoin Is an Incredibly Dirty Business
25/01/2021 $32,255.35 Tourube Lionel Laurent Bitcoin Is an Incredibly Dirty Business
31/01/2021 $33,129.74 Wall Street Journal Andy Kessler Bitcoin Is Nothing
08/02/2021 $46,436.09 Newsweek Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani Bitcoin Too Volatile to be Medium of Exchange, Goldman Sachs Says
10/02/2021 $44,855.62 Insider Nouriel Roubini The Fundamental Value Of Bitcoin Is Zero
12/02/2021 $47,410.40 Twitter Nassim Nicholas Taleb Bitcoin Is A Failure
18/02/2021 $51,573.41 Insider Financial Analysts Bitcoin Above $51,000 Is Unsustainable Unless Volatility Subsides
19/02/2021 $55,761.90 Twitter Steve Hanke Bitcoin's Fundamental Value Is Zero
25/02/2021 $49,705.33 Kitco NEWS Steve Hanke Why Bitcoin will ‘death spiral’ to $0 and Fed Chair Powell is ‘delusional’
03/03/2021 $50,422.17 The Conversation John Hawkins Bitcoin: This Year I Stand To Make $200 Million More Than Elon Musk
17/03/2021 $56,921.50 Twitter Steve Miller Cryptocurrencies - They’ll Die
23/03/2021 $54,343.36 Seeking Alpha J.G. Collins Bitcoin: You're Buying Obsolescence, And The Fall Will Be Hard
20/04/2021 $56,499.28 CNBC Stephen Isaacs "It Will Be Ugly": Bitcoin Bear Gives 2 Reasons Why He Thinks The ‘Bubble’ Is Going To Burst
21/04/2021 $53,812.08 The Manila Times Ben Kritz Bitcoin Inches Closer To Extinction
23/04/2021 $51,161.15 CNBC Nassim Nicholas Taleb ‘Black Swan’ Author Calls Bitcoin A ‘Gimmick’ And A ‘Game,’ Says It Resembles A Ponzi Scheme
28/04/2021 $54,877.70 Business Insider Fahad Kamal Crypto Looks Like The Dotcom Space Of The 1990s, And Bitcoin May Not Survive It
29/04/2021 $53,555.1 Advisor Perspectives James Rasteh Bitcoin Is An Ecological And Monetary Disaster And It Happens To Be Worth Zero
30/04/2021 $57,736.86 Real Time with Bill Maher Bill Maher New Rule: Crypto Mania!
01/05/2021 $57,836.01 CNBC Charlie Munger Bitcoin Is Disgusting
01/05/2021 $57,828.05 Real Time with Bill Maher Bill Maher Bitcoin Is Monopoly Money
13/05/2021 $49.716.19 Twitter Peter Schiff Bitcoin Is About To Be Taken Behind The Barn and Shot
18/05/2021 $42,896.32 MSN Tim Mullaney Here’s The Harsh Truth About Crypto
20/05/2021 $40,593.81 Medium Jared Brock Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Dead
21/05/2021 $37,361.41 YouTube Patrick Shyu Why Bitcoin Is Going To ZERO - The Hidden Threat To Cryptocurrency
12/06/2021 $35,545.98 Twitter The Great Martis It Doesn't Take A Genius To Understand That Sheet Coin Is Doomed
13/06/2021 $39,018.04 Twitter @rosemontseneca BTC Is Literally A $730 Billion Pump & Dump Scheme
14/06/2021 $40,518.69 The Institutional Risk Analyst R. Christopher Whalen BIS Says "No Thanks" To Bitcoin For Payments
15/06/2021 $40,160.73 The New York Times Eswar Prasad The Brutal Truth About Bitcoin
17/06/2021 $38,053.50 DW News Tumbling rates, growing criticism: Does bitcoin still have a future?
12/07/2021 $33,155.85 Sasha Yanshin Sasha Yanshin The Next Bitcoin Crash Will Be REALLY BAD (Bitcoin Might Not Recover)
20/07/2021 $29,800.74 Gizmodo Hamish Douglass Billionaire Investor Says Bitcoin Is Headed For $0, Which Is Very Far From The Moon
20/07/2021 $29,800.74 Twitter Nassim Nicholas Taleb BTC Is Worth Exactly Zero
27/07/2021 $39,489.87 Twitter Steve Hanke Bitcoin Will NEVER Be Considered A Currency
30/08/2021 $46,996.93 CoinGape John Paulson Billionaire Investor John Paulson Calls Crypto A Worthless Bubble
07/09/2021 $46,856.45 Twitter Peter Schiff The Whales Want Out
10/09/2021 $44,883.91 The Gravel Institute Why Bitcoin is a Scam
18/09/2021 $48,315.04 Twitter Steve Hanke Bitcoin Will Never Be Considered A Currency
20/09/2021 $43,014.72 Twitter Steve Hanke Fundamental Value Of Zero
28/09/2021 $41,034.54 Twitter Henrik Zeberg ‘Long Term Bitcoin Outlook – Extreme Rally Before Final Death’
30/09/2021 $47,054.98 MarketWatch Barbara Kollmeyer Here’s why this billionaire investor predicts cryptocurrencies will ‘go to zero’
11/10/2021 $57,490.31 Bloomberg Jamie Dimon JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon Calls Bitcoin 'Worthless'
07/11/2021 $63,287.79 The Spectator Sam Leith The Bitcoin Delusion
15/11/2021 $63,599.75 The White Coat Investor Jim M. Dahle Bitcoin Is Just like AOL; It Won’t Win the Race for Best Cryptocurrency
29/11/2021 $57,834.51 CAPX Bill Blain The Crypto Con – Why Bitcoin Is Nothing But A Ponzi Scheme
14/12/2021 $48,385.13 The Guardian Thomas Belsham Bitcoin Could Become ‘Worthless’, Bank of England Warns
17/12/2021 $46,171.72 CNBC Eswar Prasad Bitcoin May Not Last That Much Longer
22/12/2021 $48,620.54 Financial Times Robert McCauley Why Bitcoin Is Worse Than A Madoff-Style Ponzi Scheme
28/12/2021 $47,549.82 Twitter Frances Coppola The Inevitable Obsolescence Of Bitcoin
29/12/2021 $46,470.69 Daily Mail Alex Brummer Reality Check For Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Is A Scam Which Will Only End In Tears
Año 2022
Fecha Precio BTC Idioma Medio Autor Enlace
04/01/2022 $45,837.33 In These Times Hamilton Nolan The Ticking Bomb Of Crypto Fascism
05/01/2022 $46,121.60 CNBC Kevin O’Leary Kevin O’Leary Explains Why He Thinks Nfts Will Become Bigger Than Bitcoin
21/01/2022 $36,462.63 Twitter Travis.web1 In 4 Years, Bitcoin Will Be A Traumatic Memory
21/01/2022 $36,457.32 Twitter Peter Schiff The Long-term Bitcoin Price Will Be Zero
21/01/2022 $36,457.32 Jacobin SOHALE ANDRUS MORTAZAVI Cryptocurrency Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme
24/01/2022 $36,703.22 Slate Jordan Weissmann Bitcoin Is Just a Crappy Tech Stock Now
14/02/2022 $42,586.92 Reserve Bank of India Shri T Rabi Sankar Crypto May Be Worse Than A Ponzi Scheme
16/02/2022 $43,900.75 MarketWatch Charlie Munger Charlie Munger Compares Crypto To ‘Venereal Disease,’ Warns Of Inflation Danger
17/02/2022 $40,558.95 Twitter Peter Schiff Bitcoin's Candle Will Soon Blow Out
17/02/2022 $40,538.01 MarketWatch Mike Murphy Charlie Munger compares crypto to ‘venereal disease,’ warns of inflation danger
19/02/2022 $40,116.06 Twitter Peter Schiff Bitcoin Won't Be Around A Decade From Now
01/03/2022 $38,753.65 Financial Times Martin Armstrong Crypto vs gold: the search for an investment bolt hole
08/03/2022 $38,753.65 Armstrong Economics Martin Armstrong The End of Cryptocurrency Coming?
31/03/2022 $46,281.64 Financial Times John Plender Crypto Vs Gold: The Search For An Investment Bolt Hole
01/05/2022 $37,923.81 CNBC Charlie Munger Charlie Munger Calls Bitcoin ‘Disgusting And Contrary To The Interests Of Civilization’
05/05/2022 $36,575.14 Twitter Jorge Stolfi Blockchain Is A Fraud
09/05/2022 $33,528.50 The Spectator Ross Clark Crypto Is Dead
13/05/2022 $33,528.50 Current Affairs Nicholas Weaver All Cryptocurrency Should “Die in a Fire”
18/05/2022 $30,298.10 Valor EconÎmico Greg Ip Colapso Das Criptomoedas ExpÔe O Vazio De Promessa Libertåria (Cryptocurrency Collapse Exposes Void Of Libertarian Promise)
20/05/2022 $29,155.70 Morning Porridge Bill Blain The Crypto Bubble is Bursting – Open Your Eyes And Spot the Ugly Naked Truth
21/05/2022 $29,408.20 Politico Christine Lagarde Crypto Assets Are ‘Worth Nothing,’ Says Ecb’S Christine Lagarde
01/06/2022 $31,451.50 Concerned Tech Stephen Diehl + 1500 other computer scientists, software engineers, and technologists Letter in Support of Responsible Fintech Policy
07/06/2022 $29,566.34 Twitter John Reed Stark You Risk Losing Everything
13/06/2022 $25,423.50 BNN Bloomberg Phillip Streible Bitcoin And Ethereum Will Go To Zero
15/06/2022 $22,562.30 Telegraph James Titcomb The Crypto Crash Proves It – Bitcoin's Libertarian Dream Is Over
18/06/2022 $18,948.80 Twitter Peter Schiff Bitcoin Will Not Recover
18/06/2022 $19,017.64 Twitter Nouriel Roubini ‘Bitcoin Ponzi House Of Cards Is Collapsing’
19/06/2022 $20,552.40 Lynsey Barber, Jessica Clark, Marc Shoffman, Sara Benwell and The Sun Sign Cryptocurrency Is Dead As Bitcoin Dips To $17K
22/06/2022 $19,987.03 SeekingAlpha Kevin George Bitcoin Is Dead As Predicted - Don't Get Sucked In
25/06/2022 $21,502.34 Business Standard Ians Bitcoin Is Utterly Worthless
25/06/2022 $21,027,3 Forbes Billy Bambrough Crypto ‘The Biggest Ponzi Scheme In Human History’
03/07/2022 $19,297.08 Twitter Peter Spina There will come a day when you wish you sold #Bitcoin for $20,000!
21/09/2022 $18,547.4 Bloomberg Max Reyes Jamie Dimon Slams Crypto Tokens as ‘Decentralized Ponzi Schemes’
19/10/2022 $19,139.53 Twitter Roon People still in crypto are like the kamikaze Japanese imperial fighters
09/11/2022 $15,880.78 Twitter Ramp Capital Crypto died today
15/11/2022 $16,618.2 Twitter Ramp Capital Crypto is now dead
30/11/2022 $16,618.2 European Central Bank Ulrich Bindseil, JĂŒrgen Schaaf Bitcoin Is On The Road To Irrelevance

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